12 Most Common ACA Reporting Employer Mistakes

As we enter the fall of 2016, many employers across the country are still recuperating from their prior year ACA reporting experience.  At the same time, they are beginning to plan and make decisions on how to improve their process for 2016 ACA reporting.

As one of the nations largest ACA reporting vendors, we have had a front row seat for how thousands of employers have navigated their first year of ACA reporting.  We have seen many who had a good experience, while others were disastrous.  Along the way we have learned specifically what employers are struggling with and outlined them as the 12 Most Common ACA Reporting Employer Mistakes.

Below we have outlined these quickly as bullet points.  To learn more details about these most common mistakes, join us for our upcoming webinar series.  Learn more now…

#1 Mistake:  Not understanding the importance of correct medical enrollment and payroll data

#2 Mistake:  Forgetting that ACA reporting requires HIPAA and HITECH compliance

#3 Mistake:  Incorrectly applying your various medical plan classes in the reporting

#4 Mistake:  Filing aggregated, common ownership companies all under 1 EIN to the IRS

#5 Mistake:  Incorrect or non-existent tracking of part-time and variable hour employee hours

#6 Mistake:  Showing incorrect costs on line 15 of form 1095-C

#7 Mistake:  Applying affordability safe harbors incorrectly

#8 Mistake:  Coding each individual form 1095-C by hand in section 2

#9 Mistake:  Believing that your insurance carrier completed the ACA reporting on your behalf

#10 Mistake:  Not correctly reporting for COBRA participants, retirees and part-time employees

#11 Mistake:  Not providing the forms 1095-C to responsible persons by the time deadline

#12 Mistake:  Not responding to all exchange letters received

As a bonus, we thought we would also include the top 3 employer misunderstandings regarding ACA reporting:

#1 Misunderstanding:  Not understanding who should get a form 1095-C

#2 Misunderstanding:  Not aware that there are options other than coding each 1095-C by hand (one by one)

#3 Misunderstanding:  Not understanding that ACA penalties are automatic!