ACA Part-Time Hourly Tracking for Staffing & Hospitality Industries

Employers in these and other similar industries have had an extremely difficult time complying with the ACA requirements regarding reporting and the measurement of employee hours worked to ensure coverage is offered appropriately.  As these employers know, operating a company in the staffing and hospitality industry is unlike any other business.  They have highly specific needs that very few people fully understand.

It was specifically for this reason that we launched      Staff ACA is an Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting company with specific expertise in industries who’s workforce is somewhat non-traditional.

Through our experience in working with these employers, we ultimately found the fundamental issue that is causing 90%+ of all the problems. For most organizations, the issue comes down to how they calculate employee hire and termination dates. Simply put, the ACA rules regarding how to calculate these dates do not match up with the manner in which these type of organizations operate their businesses.

As an example let’s consider an employer in the Staffing Industry. Further, this employer hires a new employee and then put them on assignment. Let’s further assume that assignment ends after 4 months. The overwhelming majority of companies would continue to keep this person on their ‘books’ as an employee rather than go through the process of formally terminating them. After all, they could go out on another assignment at any time. However this methodology then causes the employees ACA reporting to be completely wrong, and as you likely know you as an employer are ultimately on the hook for penalties due because of incorrect reporting.

This is only one simple example, but it goes to show the ultimate problem of how non-traditional workforces operate their businesses in a manner that makes ACA compliance and reporting extremely difficult.

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