ACA Reporting: TIN Corrections Update

Across the nation, employers have breathed a sigh of relief as June 30th came and went. ACA reporting for 2015 was over and all could go back to normal… Until the TIN errors were presented.

A TIN error is a discrepancy in the employee data that was presented to the IRS in a company’s ACA XML. The discrepancy could be an incorrect social security number. The discrepancy could be the name of an employee is not the same as on their social security card. If you are a self-funded company, the TIN could be a dependent with discrepancies that will need to be corrected.

All of this can be a bit daunting and extremely overwhelming if your company is quite large. Not to mention the error report does not indicate which of the discrepancies has occurred. But rest assure, we are trying all we can to get the most up to date explanations from the IRS to make any corrections needed.

On July 19th, the IRS held a TIN corrections webinar. They were able to clarify a few of the reoccurring questions that we have gotten from our clients. They are as follows:


  1. (Q) When is the deadline to make corrections?
    • Within the webinar, the speaker said: “we will be expecting corrections to be made well into 2017”. So there was not a date set that we can give out to clients. However, this does give employers a bit of ease due to the deadline not being around the corner. We would suggest that any corrections be made as soon as you can to give time to start 2016 ACA Reporting!


  1. (Q) Do you have any document that we can you to send to our employees that need correction?


  1. (Q) When I go to the employee about the corrections, they say all the data is correct. What do I do?
    • This is a very common question we get daily. Due to 2015, being the initial filing, they are allowing employers to use “Good Faith Effort Relief”. The relief is for reporting the most accurate and complete information to the IRS. The down side to the relief, there is not a guideline to what is good faith. Our rule of key is three. If you try to ascertain the corrected information and are unable three times, document the attempts.


  1. (Q) I have gotten all my corrections; how do we submit the information to you for filing.
    • We have provided each client with a TIN corrections form. The employee and/or dependent data can be placed within the document. If there are special directions for change, (ie. Taking an employee data out of the filing) you are allowed to write notes in. When completed, you will upload the corrections to your sharefile. If you do not remember your password, please contact support.


  1. (Q) Do we need to submit all corrections at one time?
    • Yes. When making corrections to the IRS, you get one try.

The 2015 reporting season was a huge success for us at ACA Reporting Service and for all of our clients. So congratulations all around are in order!